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Thursday, 21 June 2012 00:19

Vote for us in Mission: Small Business!

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We're calling everyone to arms! We need your help on something. We have entered 'Mission:Small Business' presented by Chase and Living Social and *if* we get 250 votes we'll be entered for a chance to win a $250,000 small business grant. I don't have time to tell you all of the awesome things a grant like this would allow us to do but we would be able to serve you in ways that we've been planning for a long time. We have less than 10 days to get 250 votes so we really really need your help.

Here's what you have to do:

  1. Go to www.missionsmallbusiness.com
  2. Sign in with your facebook. You'll see the option on the lower right corner of the page.
    (They aren't collecting your personal information or installing any applications to your facebook so don't worry.)
  3. Search for Core Public Safety
  4. Vote!

I can't begin to tell you what this would mean to us. Please if you have some free time take a second to do this and help support us as locally, law enforcement owned and operated small business!!!

Friday, 25 May 2012 11:17

Minimum Advertised Pricing

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We've got a few simple beliefs we live by here at Core Public Safety, but at the top of the list is treating you how we want to be treated. One of the ways we go about doing that is listing the majority of the products on our website at MAP (minimum advertised pricing). If you're not familiar with MAP, it's the lowest price we are allowed to advertise for a product and it is set by the manufacturer. Sometimes MAP and MSRP (Manufactures Suggest Retail Price) are the same, often they are not.

We believe in selling at MAP for a few reasons. First, it keeps us competitive with many other dealers who also follow MAP pricing. Secondly, we personally hate buying something online and thinking we got a deal only to find out later that we could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere. If we hate having us done to us, why would we do it to you? I knew that there were a lot of other retailers out there who follow MAP and others who don't for various reasons so I got curious and started doing some searching to see what other retailers were charging for a specific product.

I chose the Axixtech G6 Mini Light bar, part number G6RQC4 which has a map price of $223.20. The good news for you is that many retailers follow MAP like we do. The bad is some charge much more (which is completely in their rights). I found the G6 for $239 at one retailer, just slightly above MAP but not too expensive. At another retailer it was $279.95 which is expensive but still below the MSRP price of $289. However, I found one retailer charging $319 for the G6. That's $95.80 over MAP and $30 over MSRP. It pays to do your homework before buying.



What I found that surprised me more than anything was a small little blurb of text I saw on a competitors website while comparison shopping. You'll notice at the bottom of customizable Axixtech product pages we include a small paragraph about custom orders. One vendor (who shall remain nameless, but they are a pretty big company) must have copied the manufacturer's standard product info directly from our page because they also included our custom order paragraph word for word. I'm not sure to be angry or flattered that one of the big guys gets their information from us.

In closing, I guess there is a moral to this story. If we offer the cheapest prices allowed and other retailers trust our website to get their product information, why would you shop anywhere else?


Stay safe everyone and have a great weekend!

Thursday, 29 March 2012 11:25

Columbus Tactical - Our New Website

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Those of you who regularly frequent our website probably noticed a month and a half ago that uniform, duty, and tactical gear started to mysteriously disappear from our store. It's not that we decided to get out of the business, in fact quite the opposite. Our tactical gear was becoming more and more popular and after a lot of internal debate we decided that we could better serve both our vehicle equipment customers and our tactical customers if we spun the tactical gear off into it's very own website.

So today I'm pleased to announce to you that our new tactical gear website is live. It's called Columbus Tactical (www.columbustactical.com) and while it's a little bit baron at the moment we are literally adding a handful of new products every day. We've got over 100 items from 13 brands as of today. We would love it if you buzzed on over to take a look and followed Columbus Tactical on facebook and twitter!

Just because we've launched Columbus Tactical doesn't mean we're going to turn our backs on Core Public Safety. Emergency Vehicle Equipment is our first and true love and we'll still offer you the same great service and pricing we always have! There are plenty of exciting announcements yet to come so stay tuned!

In closing I would like to personally thank our customers and our fans! You are the best and we simply could not do this with out you and we appreciate each and every one of you!

Thursday, 01 March 2012 08:18

New Demo Truck

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We've added another truck to the Core Public Safety fleet! Check out our new Toyota Tacoma work truck. It features a 49 inch Axixtech Torrent mounted on the back rack as well as the new Axixtech LED work lights which boast a 1900 lumen rating. To see more pictures check out our facebook album!


Friday, 06 January 2012 00:00

New Axixtech Products for 2012!

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Few things excite us as much getting to announce new products. Axixtech has just released their new line up for 2012 and they are bringing you some innovative new items and also bringing back some of your old favorites! Hang on tight as we give you the quick run down!

The Axixtech G6 Mini Lightbar (Pictured Above):

Perfect for volunteers and construction, Axixtech's new G6 mini bar is a traditional "breadbox" style bar. Using the same modules as the Axixtech Legion it makes an affordable solution when you need to be seen. We're selling it for $223.20 and that will include your choice of 4 magnet mount or 4 bolt permanent mount. It will be available in All Red, Blue, Amber, White, or Red\Blue and Amber\White. Custom combinations can be built for a $15 fee.

We'd also like to note that these new color combinations also apply to the Axixtech Falcon as well!


All kinds of Commanders:

altSome of your favorite Commanders are back by popular request. Both the Dual Color and End Flasher models are now available again!

New from Axixtech is the FBS-1, a flashback shield designed specifically to work with a 6 head XL6 Commander. It's designed to work with a rear windshield but with a little creativity it should work with many different products and applications. Our price is $65.

Also new for the Commander line are the WHNS-30 and WHNS-45 (30 and 45 foot respectively) extension cables designed to make Commander installation easier!


Axixtech 6 Diode LED Flood Lights:

altReplacing the older Axixtech 4 diode flood lights are the WLB506FB-D7 & WLC506FB-D7 6 diode flood lights. These little guys pack a walloping 1900 lumens into their small frame. They are available in both square and round heads. We're selling them for $120 and we have a set on order so look for detailed photos and video soon!


Wrap Up:

Everything above is available for you to order today and live on our website. Brooking Industries is releasing a new line of vehicle consoles which we'll be telling you more about soon. As always if you have questions about these, or anything else we carry please contact us. We'll always happy to help!

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