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Thursday, 29 March 2012 11:25

Columbus Tactical - Our New Website

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Those of you who regularly frequent our website probably noticed a month and a half ago that uniform, duty, and tactical gear started to mysteriously disappear from our store. It's not that we decided to get out of the business, in fact quite the opposite. Our tactical gear was becoming more and more popular and after a lot of internal debate we decided that we could better serve both our vehicle equipment customers and our tactical customers if we spun the tactical gear off into it's very own website.

So today I'm pleased to announce to you that our new tactical gear website is live. It's called Columbus Tactical (www.columbustactical.com) and while it's a little bit baron at the moment we are literally adding a handful of new products every day. We've got over 100 items from 13 brands as of today. We would love it if you buzzed on over to take a look and followed Columbus Tactical on facebook and twitter!

Just because we've launched Columbus Tactical doesn't mean we're going to turn our backs on Core Public Safety. Emergency Vehicle Equipment is our first and true love and we'll still offer you the same great service and pricing we always have! There are plenty of exciting announcements yet to come so stay tuned!

In closing I would like to personally thank our customers and our fans! You are the best and we simply could not do this with out you and we appreciate each and every one of you!

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