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Wednesday, 28 November 2012 14:16

Need Brighter Work Lights?

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Have you been in the market for some new work lights? Do you want to see what you're working, like REALLY see? Check out the all new (and very handsomely named) Axixtech WLE-6B076-00 LED Work Light. Packed with six high power diodes, it produces a migraine inducing 4800 lumens of light. That's bright, really really bright. If that sounds like too much we also have it's little brother, the WLD-6B074-00. It's four high power diodes produce a paltry 3200 lumens (this sentence is full of sarcasm, just so you know. 3200 lumens is still a lot of light!). They are a little on the pricey side but when you consider the amount of light you're getting for your dollar it really is an incredible value!

Axixtech 4800 Lumen LED Work Light
Axixtech 3200 Lumen LED Work Light


Monday, 26 November 2012 14:18

Feniex T4 Discontinued

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We've got some bad news and some good news to pass along to you today. Feniex Industries is officially discontinuing their T4 LED lighthead. This will immediately effect the availability of the T4 as well as the 1X Dashlight, 2X Dashlight, Python 200, and Python 400. The good news is that the T4 is being replaced by a new 6 diode module called the T6 which will be available soon. The T6 will be used in the new Cobra series of lights (which will replace the Python series).

If you an existing customer with T4's or products using the T4 module you don't have to worry. Feniex will still be making small quantities of T4's for replacement and warranty issues. Stay tuned; we'll announce more information about the T6 including pricing and availability soon.



Tuesday, 20 November 2012 13:28

Black Friday - Name Your Price!

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Instead of bombarding you with deals on items we pick out we decided to take a different approach this year. We’re going to let you name your price on any of the items on our websites (both Core Public Safety and Columbus Tactical). Browse our websites, find the items you like, and fill out our form! We won't turn down any reasonable offer!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Reasonable offers only. As much as we'd like to give things away for free, we can't. Sorry!
  • The more expensive the item, the more likely we can meet your offer. Smaller item? Try buying a few!
  • Prices are negotiable, shipping is not. We use ONLY UPS and will offer an estimate based on your zipcode.
  • You are responsible for sales tax if you live in Ohio
  • If we accept your price, you must complete the purchase with payment during our sale (by the end of Saturday the 24th). Otherwise the promotional price will not be honored. No exceptions.
  • Questions about returns? Please see our FAQ


Once we evaluate your form, we'll respond. If we can meet your request we'll send you an invoice and payment instructions. If we can't meet your deal we'll make you a counter offer. We expect to be very busy so emails only please!

The event is over!

Wednesday, 14 November 2012 11:43

Axixtech Split Color Heads Available

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You asked for them and now they are back on our website! The TLED04, MS6, XL6, and SQ4 as well as the Titan series of dash lights are available for order in various split color combinations. Pricing remains the same for split heads so get your red\blue or amber\white on with your next order!

Monday, 05 November 2012 12:10

Axixtech Micro-Bar Review

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There are truck loads of mini lightbars on the market. Every company seems to make a half dozen of them and has since the mid 70's. They come in all shapes and sizes and are mounted on everything from golf carts to semi trucks. So when Axixtech debuted the all new Micro-bar you probably wondered what makes it any different from the other bazillion mini bars on the market. We've spent the last few weeks with our demo bar, showing it off and putting it through its paces in an attempt to answer this question for you.

The first thing that will strike you about the Micro-Bar is just how appropriate it's name is. We hadn't put much thought into it around the office. We just figured, "well, that's a catchy name" and went about our daily routine until the box showed up. Now, we knew the Micro-Bar was small. We'd read over the promotional material and saw other dealers comparing their demo bars to rulers and batteries but something gets lost in translation on the internet. You just don't really appreciate just how small it is until you're holding it in your hand. Yes, hand, singular. It comes in at a little under 7 inches in length and a little less than 1.5 inches tall. It's not much bigger than two dvd cases stacked on top of each other. That really does put it in a class of it's own and make it smaller then almost any other mini bar making the name Micro-Bar truly accurate. It's so small you can store it in a backpack, your glove compartment, under your seat, just about anywhere.

How did they get it so small? Axixtech used their popular MS3 module inside the bar. Ten of them to be exact. Just like its big brother the Axixtech Falcon, they have arranged the modules so that not only do you have great front, back, and side warning but you also have modules mounted at an angle on the corners of the bar so that you have off angle warning as well. That's something you don't get with many other mini bars.


It has other things going for it besides its size. The MS3 modules pack quite a punch and give you all the brightness that you would expect from a mini bar. The build quality is excellent as well. The bar feels nice and sturdy and the parts fit snugly together. The Micro-Bar comes with 19 flash patterns which you can select from the cigarette lighter plug and while many of the patterns are similar to each other there is enough variation that you are bound to be able to find one that works well for any application. The only thing we can say even remotely negative about the bar is that the MS3 light heads have a much smaller light projection footprint versus a bigger light head like the ones used in the Falcon. That's to be expected though and it doesn't mean that the Micro-Bar isn't bright (we're still seeing spots) but it is something that you might want to consider based on your application.



Get one of your own:

Axixtech Micro-Bar Mini Lightbar
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