Wednesday, 02 March 2016 11:22

Magnetic Mic Makes Your Life Easy!

Core Public Safety is excited to announce the newest addition to our product line, Magnetic Mic. It's simplicity will have you asking why someone hasn't come up with it a long time ago. Magnetic Mic replaces your existing mic hanger with a stylish magnet. Two screws or two bolts (all included in each kit) and your half way done with installation. All that's left is to slip the Magnetic Mic universal adapter over your existing microphone and you're done.

No more fighting to try and free your mic or banging your knuckles on the dash. In fact the ultra strong magnet helps guide the microphone to the holder which means you have to fumble less and can keep your eyes on the road.

The real beauty of the system is that anyone can retrofit virtually any standard microphone and clip in less than five minutes. The Magnetic Mic base is designed to line up with the hole pattern of standard mic clip and the button will work with almost any two way radio, PA, or CB microphone. Most customers won't have to drill new holes. You won't have to take a vehicle out of service or drop it off for maintenance.

Even better news is we have them in stock and ready to ship!

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015 12:08

Now Available Feniex 4200 Mini!

It's finally here! The 4200 Mini from Feniex offers 6 programmable push buttons and built in wig wag flasher for the low price of just $99!


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Thursday, 24 September 2015 11:52

Feniex Wide-Lux Lights Now Available!

The long awaited Feniex Wide-Lux surface mounts are now available! They come 3 sizes and sport advanced features like built in stop\turn\tail programming!


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Friday, 07 November 2014 17:22

New & Improved Cobra Dashlights

They are finally here, the new and improved Cobra 1x and 2x dashlights. While the light itself is identical the housing and flashback shield have been revamped to match the Apollo series. The best news of all is pricing has not changed!


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Wednesday, 13 August 2014 10:59

Ram Tough Box Consoles For Ford PI & Utility

If you're looking for a cost effective console for your new Ford PI or PI Utility look no further than Ram Mount. The Angled Toughbox console for the PI Sedan is designed to mount straight to the factory top plate for a no holes drilled installation. This console also features mounts for Ram Telepoles which allow you to quickly and easily install laptop or tablet mounts.




The Ford PI Utility Toughbox Console gives you 19" of faceplate room, which normally accommodates anywhere from 5-7 devices. Like it's PI counterpart it mounts directly to the factory top plate meaning you don't have to drill any holes or buy any mount kits.


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Wednesday, 16 January 2013 13:24

Fresh from Feniex - Cobra!

Wow do we have a lot of news for you today and it's all about Feniex. Their hotly anticipated T6 & Cobra lines are now available. The T6 is nearly the same as the former T4 and Python series lights only the new modules include 6 diode LED heads instead of the 4 diode heads. Here's a list of the refreshed items & pricings:

T6 & Cobra Line:

Other New Products:

Also worth noting is that the Avatar Full Size Lightbar has come down in price, a lot! The Avatar is now $1000 for the 37", $1150 for the 47" and $1200 for the 57". And to wrap things up Feniex has discontinued a few of the replaced items but are still offering them for a short period of time. Because they are discontinued we can offer them to you at a huge savings. They will be brand, built when you order, and will be backed by the full 5 year warranty. They won't last long so order soon!

Discontinued Deals!:

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